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Since 2003, Xipu Hanxin has become one of the main OEM suppliers for Axcelis Technologies and Varian Technologies. Consistent quality control, cooperation and innovation are three key factors for Xipu's success. Xipu's long term goal is not only to preserve the existing market, but also reach out to different field of interests, develop Xipu's specialty and finally become a healthy century standing enterprise.


Mr. Zhiqiang Ye got his bachelor and master degree in Shanghai University of Technology.

 From 1988 - 1999, he served as lead engineer in Shanghai Iron and Steel Institute R&D Center in the area of Powder Metallurgy. He published 4 papers in national & regional conference as 1st author. And he owned multiple personal patents.

He founded Xipu in 1999 and served as the CEO of this company for over 17 years. Mr. Ye is a powerful leader, humble learner and ambitious dreamer. It was due to his vision, the company successfully pivoted into global market and established itself as a main OEM in refectory metal for major ion implanter manufactories in the world. 

He visions Xipu as a century standing enterprise. With this spirit, he will empower the company with a consistent instillation of innovation, iteration and improvement.

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