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Company Overview

Xipu Hanxin has 90 employees, 35 of whom has college degree or higher. Overall, management team is weighted as 8%, research staff is 16%, sales team is 14%, and manufacturing team is 62%. The company has 4000 square meter’s workshop area and an advanced clean room. The company’s annual production capability is 80 million RMB.
The company currently has equipment including: All powdering equipment, various mechanical processing equipment, electrical pulse equipment, CNC, testing equipment, and packaging equipment. All equipment is valued as 50 million RMB.Worldwide speaking, there are four main ion implanter manufacturers: Varian Technology (A branch of Applied Material), Axcelis Technology, SEM Japan, and Nissin Japan. Varian and Axcelis occupy 85% of world market share. Xipu Hanxin occupies a large proportion of consumable parts supply of both companies. In year 2013 and 2014, Xipu Hanxin has produced more than 600 types of parts to these two companies.
As an OEM supplier, Xipu Hanxin is expanding in a steady pace. On the other hand, Xipu Hanxin is aslo exploring the market in Japan, Singapore and Korea.

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